Indie Dev

Over the years we've featured many many great retro-inspired indie games. So we will update this page chronologically from now on so they're easier to get to. And you never you, you might find one or two things worth downloading 😉

  • Mage's Initiation

    Mage’s Initiation

    (Himalaya Studios) If you listen to the podcast you’ll know that we’re massive point and click fans so when the opportunity arose to quiz Himalaya Studios about the well-received Mage’s Initiation we jumped at the chance... Mage’s Initiation Feature

  • Starsceptre


    (Richard Morgan) With some of the loveliest pixel art we’ve seen, especially in a retro shmup, Starceptre is well worth a look... Starsceptre Feature

  • Horizon Shift ’81

    (Flump Studios) With each release he goes from strength to strength and with Horizon Shift ’81 (a retro take on the title of the same name) he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves... Horizon Shift ’81 Feature

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