Falling In Love With a Disk Box (Games Freezer Guest Blog)

When we first started up we were completely unaware of the retrogaming community that existed. One of our friends from the very beginning has kindly shared with us his story as to how he got into gaming and it’s a goodun.  We’ll let Richard of the epic Games Freezer tell you all…


In order to write an article detailing my love of video games and how it all started I have had to think right back to when I was around 7 or 8 years old….


There’s one encounter with video games that sticks with me and has had a lasting impression on me.


My friend Navpal invited me round to his house after school one day. We played football in his back garden and then came in for dinner. After dinner, he asked if I wanted to play his favourite video game with him. So I agreed to play with him.


At this point in my life, I had no real experience at playing video games other than a distant recollection of playing a Binatone Pong machine when I was mega young.


Navpal proceeded to take me into his hallway where there was a desk setup with 2 chairs and cover over something on the desk. It was like a prize vintage car that was being shrouded from the dust. Navpal was getting visibly excited as we approached the desk and then as we got there he made the grand unveil…..


He lifted the cover to reveal something very special. A ZX SPECTRUM +3 with its own monitor and a disk box chic full of video games.



I was smitten. There was something extra cool about this disk box. It felt futuristic and like something out of a James Bond movie. Cartridges and audio tapes were the media format of the day when it came to your average gaming setup. So to see something like this made my video games part of my brain tick over rapidly.


We hadn’t even played a game yet and I loved the Speccy +3! Navpal sifted through his disk box and found his favourite video game … “BOMBJACK 2”


I’d never heard of it before let alone played it. Navpal loaded up the game almost instantly and even that interaction between him and the Speccy felt futuristic and otherworldly. I was so impressed by the whole thing that my mind nearly blew when Navpal reached into the desk drawer and produced a joystick that looked like it belonged in the Millennium Falcon. This was the future and I was living it there and then.


It’s safe to say that I was crap at Bombjack that day and I watched Navpal play a lot but I didn’t care one bit as I was now a video gamer for life and I knew I needed to get myself a video games machine one way or another.


Fast forward to 2017 and my love for video games endures.


The reason I set up my website www.gamesfreezer.eu was to share my love of video games with a wider audience of like-minded gamers and that chance encounter with a disk box and a Speccy +3 started this obsession off and still drives me to this day.


You can find me in the following parts of the internet talking about retro gaming and the odd bit of modern gaming too…….

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