Friends of AA

Arcade Universe

We love arcades, Pieter loves arcades, Pieter is mapping where every arcade in the world is right here! An excellent idea and we’re only too happy to help out. Here’s to arcade dominance!

Games Freezer

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We go here all the time!  Great reviews, interesting articles on how to mod consoles etc…  The site is literally teaming with content and we’re glad to have them as allies.  Also look out for the gaming World Cups.

Juicy Game Reviews


The banner ain’t wrong! Gemma has an excellent variety of retro and new stuff – this site (as well as her youtube channel) is definitely worth checking out!

Monarch Music & Media


They’ve followed us since day one and we really do appreciate it!  Just a great resource for gaming, hardware, music – you name it – they’ve got it.  Keep up the good work guys!

Retro Video Gamer


One of the first sites we checked out when starting up, their retro reviews are a fantastic read.  The forums are also a great place to “hang out” and network with other retro gamers.  A great site run by great people.

Slippytee Clothing


Quite frankly amazing retro gaming t-shirts, plus the main man Martin ensures that all proceeds go to the Irish Heart Foundation.  We salute you!

Tom’s Retro Shack

Tom sells some great stuff, no word of a lie!  We even got our Retro Trio here after certain larger stores came up short.  Great site, great guy, go buy.


He’ll be the first to tell you he doesn’t do enough NES reviews. Although his last one (at the time of updating this) was Jan 16 which is sooner than our last one…  He knows his stuff, go have a read!


Youtube channels – If you like retro gaming then you’ve definitely gotta check out Daz and Gamin Guys – the videos of their collections/interviews on other peoples collections are worth it alone!


Instagram channels – Well, there’s only one, but he posts so many good pics it’s hard to ignore. Check out the one and only Lord Arse (name kudos) right here.


New stuff


Emerald Zone


Top video reviews, top Twitch streaming, EZN is the place to be!