Can Retro Game Bloggers Actually Make A Retro Game? – Part 3

Another two months or so down the line and we finally have something material to show you! Game development has proved to be just has time consuming as we thought – and we’re making a retro game! Game engine in place, it was then time to bring Petina’s world to life.


Bringing Skyline to life


As you can see, we’re doing everything from scratch – no fancy rendering programs here! What we’ve used is the rather ace, a free to use Photoshop-style program. You want retro, we’ll give you pixels!


With Petina being black & white, the backdrops really need to stand out, so we’ve gone for a limited palette with bright colours. At the moment the results are a mixed bag but on the whole I think it works pretty well.




Still drawing is not our forte (he’s not kidding – Ed) so it was through luck and timing I was able to enlist the help of our head illustrator Joyce, who has turned my somewhat amateurish stills into professional images worthy of being in a soon to be published game.


Tinkering the gameplay


The original engine was slightly slow so we’ve ramped up the speed a bit. Coupled with the melee combat, Skyline now has a very Sonic meets Devil May Cry feel – without the metal soundtrack.




The first couple of tunes for Skyline have been provided by Wasted Shell Obsession, the up-tempo dance beats pair nicely with the (sometimes) hectic gameplay. Should the kickstarter be successful then we’re hoping that he’ll supply the rest, surely he’d jump at the chance to produce more 90’s dance themed tunes?


Steam and Kickstarter


If you’ve not seen it already, here is the promo vid for Steam and Kickstarter:


Skyline Greenlight and Kickstarter Trailer (DGR Productions)


And we think we’ve produced something that could be really special. If you think so, please support us on Steam Greenlight and check out the rewards on the Kickstarter page.


The future?


Keep tuned for more reviews, interviews and features throughout the year – Arcade Attack will continue for a good while yet. If you’ve any ideas for things we could cover or other gaming projects we could undertake then please let us know on social media or at


Thank you all for your support so far and we wish you a great 2016!


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