Can Retro Game Bloggers Actually Make A Retro Game? – Part 1

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This is the eternal question.  Or more like, can four guys (led by their editor) create a homage to all the 8-bit/16-bit platform games that defined their childhood?


Designing video games is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 11.  I constantly tried to hack my Amiga games (Flashback theme remix anyone?) and get to grips with things like Deluxe Paint.  I even went to programming club at school but the constant appearance of “syntax error” put paid to any dealings I had with BASIC.


And so programming code developed through the years, flying right over my head (bye bye C++) until earlier this year when I discovered (through our lovely twitter connections) several programs that comprise a construct and generate code for you.


Thus, “Skyline” (as we’re provisionally calling it) was born.  I even asked our twitter followers earlier in the year what makes the perfect platformer – here are some selected answers:

  • Having good controls and level design based on physics challenges.
  • Decent difficulty curve, but it all rests on good controls.
  • Loveable characters, squeaky clean controls, attention to detail, stimulating gameplay etc


OK, so I put that last one in myself but it just goes to emphasise how much the player needs to control what they’re doing.  And it’s probably why I find myself so detached from present day video gaming – I cannot stomach lengthy intro sequences and tutorials with a million different controls to learn that I’d forget if I left the game for a few months.  Retro gaming is perfect for me as they’re easy and quick to pick up.


The idea is something I had for a short story a while back – a woman vs The World tale if you will – and it’s packed full of metaphors aplenty.  Over the coming weeks/months we’ll be providing further updates on the project and updating its website –  Any feedback is greatly appreciated and if you want to be involved in the development (mainly the testing aspect) then please drop us a line.  You can also follow the game on twitter @skylinegame.


So here’s to making something special – with your help of course.



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