Super Nintendo

  The Super Nintendo/Super Famicom was Nintendo’s player in the console wars. The 16-bit behemoth racked up sales of 49 million units worldwide. But, again, hardly anyone at AA had one growing up. What on earth is wrong with us? Time to make amends by tackling its amazing library in the 21st century. Click the … Read more

Nintendo Entertainment System

  The Famicom released in Japan in 1983 was released on North American and European shores as the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. It sold over 60 million units worldwide and has been deemed by many to be the saviour of the video gaming industry. So why did no one at Arcade Attack have … Read more

Arcade Attack Podcast โ€“ May (2 of 4) 2020 – The Nintendo Wii

So here is the last of our pre-coviddy lockdown backlog podcasts and it’s quite apt that we discuss the console that really brought people together. Even your grandparents. Nintendo struck gold with their motion-driven console, the Wii. But why was it so popular? We (wii?) discuss our favourite Wii moments as well as some of … Read more