Interview – Super Fighter Team

19th July 2016

We love retro reboots and one company that’s eclipsed them all is the awesome Super Fighter Team! Not satisfied with just the game of the same name, they’ve also brought Beggar Prince and Nightmare Busters, to name but two more, to western audiences. Adrian managed to catch up with SFT founder and supremo Brandon Cobb […]

Interview – 8 Bit Weapon

12th July 2016

Chipmusic, chiptune, whatever you want to call it, is a big draw for us retrogamers and I’m pleased to say that I caught up with my favourite chiptune band of the moment –  8 Bit Weapon! Seth & Michelle are based in LA (we’re already jealous! – Ed) and their ambient tracks have us smitten […]

Interview – Graeme Boxall (Renegade)

3rd July 2016

Everyone knows of the love we have for The Bitmap Brothers but we’ve hardly mentioned the Renegade software label that they created in order to release some of their classic titles. I’m pleased to say that our Adrian caught up with one of Renegade’s leading lights, the legend and also fellow south Londoner Graeme Boxall! […]

Exclusive Interview – Tom Kalinske (Sega)

7th June 2016

On the eve of Sonic’s 25th birthday, one of the main (if not the main) driving force behind him and Sega in the early 90s kindly gave me some of his precious time to conduct this exclusive Skype interview. There’s nothing more to do other than for me introduce an absolute retro gaming legend, one of […]

Interview – David Crane (Atari/Activision/Skyworks)

9th May 2016

I’ve been thinking for around twenty minutes as to how to introduce the newest addition to our interview tomb but have decided that there are no words that would do it justice.  Not just the creator of the legendary Pitfall! but also the creator of an entire genre (the entire genre that got all of […]

Interview – Flump Studios – Hyper Bounce Blast

25th April 2016

It’s been a wee while since we did a retro-themed indie dev feature (bad Arcade Attack!) so it’s only right that the comeback is brought by one of our favourite developers – Paul of Flump Studios! I’ve had a go at the Beta version of Hyper Bounce Blast and it knocked my socks off. Definitely […]

MD Reviews

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive Retrospective)

14th June 2016

If any game deserves a retrospective rather than our usual “review it as if back then” approach, it’s Sonic 2. The first Sonic revitalised the Mega Drive and gave Sega a worthy mascot. Following it up was both easy and difficult at the same time.   One thing Sega had already established was the game […]

Double Dragon (Mega Drive Review)

1st June 2016

Why oh why did Accolade do this? Well, I can think of several reasons but one of them definitely isn’t “to redefine the scrolling beat em up genre”. Fully five years since the coin-op first launched we have the Mega Drive version and is most certainly was not worth the wait. At its best (namely […]

Revenge of Shinobi (Mega Drive Retrospective)

24th May 2016

What is it about Ninjas?  From the Teenage Mutant Turtle variety to the Kawasaki kind, the very word itself conjures up images of something cool, fast and dangerous.  So it was inevitable that video game developers would seize upon the public fascination with the covert assassins of feudal Japan and spew forth a glut of […]

Moonwalker (Mega Drive Review)

23rd February 2016

Film licenses aren’t rare, in fact they’re one of the most popular genres going. Good games that are based on films are most definitely rare – so it pleases me to say that Moonwalker on the Mega Drive fits into this category, just.     Michael Jackson and some promo shots from the film are […]

Thunder Force 4 (Mega Drive Review)

26th October 2015

As Dylan touched on in his Aero Blasters review, one thing the Mega Drive wasn’t short on was side-scrolling space-themed shoot ‘em ups, or ‘shooters’ if you prefer (But never, ever ‘SHMUPS’.  The internet has a lot to answer for….).  Luckily for us, a lot of them were also really, really good.  But there’s one […]

Lotus Turbo Challenge (Mega Drive Review)

19th October 2015

Lotus Turbo Challenge on the Mega Drive.  I feel like this review should have been a celebration of British engineering rather than a ruing of a misused license which this unfortunately is.  The MD isn’t short on racers so Loyus needed to be something special.  Loading up the cart the signs look pretty good.  The presentation […]

SNES Reviews

David Crane’s Amazing Tennis (SNES Review)

22nd June 2016

David Crane means a lot to us at Arcade Attack for many reasons, so we really wanted to love this game… In true DC style, innovation is key to David Crane’s Amazing Tennis. Rather than opt for the standard tennis sim viewed from above the court (where the sprites are the same size), the camera […]

Final Fight 2 (SNES Review)

29th October 2015

I gave the first Final Fight a bit of a whacking (no pun intended) so I thought it only fair to cast my eye over the sequel and review Final Fight 2 on the SNES.  Thankfully a few fundamental problems have been rectified, though some have not.   Rather than being confined to one city, […]

Andre Agassi Tennis (SNES Review)

26th October 2015

Andre Agassi, tennis legend, why on earth did you put your name to this!  I can think of a few thousand things that might have done it…  I’ll touch on the other versions in a moment but here is our, through gritted teeth, review of Andre Agassi Tennis on the SNES. TecMagik.  If that name […]

Super Back to the Future 2 (SNES Review)

6th July 2015

I now have the Back to the Future theme song stuck in my head – thanks a lot Super Back to the Future 2!  I know what you’re all thinking and yes, this really shouldn’t have been considered given the awful pile of tripe all previous BTTF games have been.  Well, for those of you […]

F-Zero (SNES Review)

16th June 2015

Let’s have a driving launch game for the SNES!  Wait a second.  Let’s have a FUTURISTIC driving launch game for the SNES!  Hurrah!  That’s what I imagine the meeting at Nintendo went like when launching the new hardware to programmers.  And you know what, it’s as sturdy a launch title as you’re likely to see.  […]

RoboCop vs Terminator (SNES Review)

11th June 2015

How to make a game the same, but not the same?  Try asking the Interplay development house who’ve taken on the SNES version of RoboCop vs Terminator.  You’ll know of our love for the Mega Drive version, so it’s a real shame we had to play this second because it’s two clicks away from being […]

MS Reviews

Shinobi (Master System Review)

10th March 2016

The much loved coin-op reaches the 8-bit and it’s a tad underwhelming. I was going to review this version in its own right but as Sega have attempted to port it over as is, a comparison was unavoidable (sad face – Ed). The three things that spring to mind about the arcade Shinobi are the […]

The Ninja (Master System Review)

20th November 2015

The Ninja on the Master System – part of its budget range when it was released and it’s not hard to see why, there’s only half a game here!  Less game means a shorter review I suppose…   The princess has been kidnapped (oh no!) but we have a ninja who can save her (hooray!). Sound […]

Galaxy Force (Master System Review)

27th October 2015

Galaxy Force on the Master System.  Just saying it raises the hairs on the back of my neck.  GF as I’ll refer to it from this point on was one of the most popular coin-ops I can remember.  This 8-bit incarnation is something to behold, albeit briefly.   A one man versus an evil empire […]

Streets of Rage 2 (Master System Review)

7th May 2015

Streets of Rage 2, on the Master System??? What the hell!  Hang on hang on, I’d better get a thesaurus or something cos that’s getting old hat. So Sega, not happy with successfully porting across Streets of Rage to the 8-bit have done the same with the sequel in the same bloody year!   I’d […]

Winter Olympics 94 (Master System Review)

7th May 2015

Olympic Gold, or Barcelona 92 was pretty much a success so when US Gold were handed the Winter Olympics 94 franchise I was expecting good things – but not this good.  At a glance it could be a direct port from the 16-bit version but I think it only fair to review it in its […]

Streets of Rage (Master System Review)

6th May 2015

Streets of Rage, on the Master System???  What the hell!  As far as conversions go, I don’t think anyone could have seen this coming.  Have a few beers, hmm, then maybe a few more, squint your eyes a bit and you might as well be looking at the Mega Drive version.  All three characters are […]

NES Reviews

Double Dragon (NES Review)

17th May 2016

The arcade hit makes it to the 8-bit! Hooray? Question mark intended as this port has me so confused I need to talk it through with you good people…   Firstly, congratulations to Technos for scaling this down to the NES. The original arcade cab version displayed 384 colours on screen, three-hundred and eighty-four! This […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES Review)

11th November 2015

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES is the nearest you’ll get to being Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and poor old Raphael (I’ll come to that later).  Developed by Konami (under the guise of Ultra Games), TMNT is a platformer with varied parts that on the whole work pretty well.  Our best friend Shredder has stolen […]

Mega Man (NES Review)

19th October 2015

The evil scientist Dr Wily (sure) is threatening the world and must be defeated! Who best to do it?  Step forward Mega Man! And thus, our review of Mega Man on the NES.  Originally an android called Rock (hence the Japanese name Rock Man) created by Dr Light, he’s transformed into Mega Man, a battle […]

Aladdin (NES Review)

4th May 2015

I’ve been pretty impressed by the versions of Aladdin I’ve seen on 8/16-bit.  Regardless of the gameplay, the success of any Disney franchise is colourful graphics which is where I thought the NES would fall flat on its face.  But as you can see from the screenshots, Virgin and Nintendo have done a really good […]

Arch Rivals (NES Review)

4th May 2015

        Being subjected to a lot of Acclaim’s doo doo is something I’ve learned to take on the chin, much like the punches the poor souls in Arch Rivals take on a continual basis.  AR (as I will now refer to it as) is a two on two basketball game with the […]

After Burner (NES Review)

29th April 2015

We’ve had a look at the Master System version (and still can’t bring ourselves to review it) so of course we wanted to get our hands on the NES version.  How did a Sega staple arrive on the NES? Well, in amongst all the fully licensed versions (C64, Atari, Amstrad to name a few), Tengen […]